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    My name is Jack, I use to have a forum account back when they made videos, but I can't remember what my username/email I would have used. I'm pretty sure I made this account 2 years ago after I realized the forums was still up but I couldn't get into my account. I've been watching their streams recently and checked on my forum account and might as well make an intro. My twitch username is mrjakkusama, the same on my nickname in the discord. Age: 21 Favorite Movie: Space Jam Favorite TV Show: Twin Peaks Pets: Yes one, a deer Location: An area with bad internet Interesting Fact: I use to clean up crime scenes
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    I did mean capitalising every world but also why you Skipped every line. Why?
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    What's your SSN?
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    with that method i mentioned, the more people who you know the better, because each ip you route through and get banned you will have to find another if you want to continue to bypass, if your fortunate enough to not use comcast wifi then it dosent usually take too long to change ip whereas comcast can take a full day to ip change
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    Hi I Dont Really Have Any Idea About What To Say Aside From I Listen To Streetlight Manifesto, Catch 22, Gimp, Bandits Of The Acoustic Revolution, And Zebrahead I Like To Program Games And I've Been learning About Programming Exploits To Help Learn To Get Better At Avoiding Exploits In My Own Games, I Like Games That Have Good Music, Klonoa And Sonic Are Good Examples Of Game Music I Like, Thats About It, I'm Pretty Much A Lurker When It Comes To Forums But If You Want To Talk In Pms Id Be More Than Happy To.
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