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    Kia ora Pupper with a hat! Welcome to the forums. I notice you've included your IQ score - brilliant! However, I've noticed you've avoided answering your own questions.. QUICK FIRE ROUND What's the first game you open if you wanted to play something R I G H T N O W ? What's the first album you reach for (or track if you stream...) if you wanted to listen to something R I G H T N O W ? Naku nā
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    Apparently, you people don't understand that welcoming someone does not mean you look down on anyone simply because of how they talk and how they introduce themselves. There are ways to DEAL with introductions, and this is going to help you: 1. "Oh your intro was SO long, I don't even know what to do." I've been seeing this with short intros. FIRST OF ALL. A lot of members are lurkers or very new. They've had trouble joining because of a bit of shyness or they're just fresh, greenhorns. Maybe they don't know what to say. THIS IS ACCEPTABLE. If you're honestly curious to talk to this person, why not PM them and start a convo? Or why not start a convo in the thread and find out a little bit more? Do NOT give a person any sort of crap simply because they're not meeting any unspoken standard of introducing themselves. They're here now, and that's what is important. 2. "Your grammar makes me want to cry." I understand it's frustrating. This DOES NOT MEAN you can point and laugh and mini-mod it at all. PM THEM explaining the rule and if they throw attitude, send them my way, I WILL DEAL WITH THEM. Stop taking things into your own hands. 3. "Stop being a fanboy." USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. OF COURSE FANBOYS/GIRLS ARE GOING TO COME TO THE FORUMS. That doesn't mean they're necessarily bad people, or even remotely intelligent. Team Avo gathers fans, what do you WANT? It's not as if anyone can filter out who should be here and who shouldn't. So stop complaining. 4. Finally, if there is something you don't like, just because they didn't read the rules, or bla bla bla, IGNORE IT. I don't know how many times I can stress this. IGNORE. IT. LEAVE IT ALONE. DO NOT START FIGHTS/INSULT WARS/ FLAME WARS. It's not WITTY, it doesn't make you look FUNNY. I've seen some pretty hurtful things and it's breaking my heart. This subsection is here to WELCOME people, NOT to please anyone or requires your approval. Please please PLEASE read these and if you have any sort of problem with them, PM me, I will happily walk you through each rule or whatever your problem may be. Okay. Phew. C: Have a nice day!
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    with that method i mentioned, the more people who you know the better, because each ip you route through and get banned you will have to find another if you want to continue to bypass, if your fortunate enough to not use comcast wifi then it dosent usually take too long to change ip whereas comcast can take a full day to ip change
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