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    Man I haven't played in years. An old way that works pretty good, especially on cracked servers, is to take about 20 alts. Write a script that logs them in and out as fast as possible. It'll crash most servers that don't have specialized protections against this. Another way to increase the effectiveness and require fewer alts is to walk all the alts to different locations on the map that are far out and then log them in and out. That lava thing you discovered is actually pretty applicable to anything. If you can do anything that will require a large amount of block updates it'll bog down servers with shit hardware. You can also drop a large amount of items where more than one player is, assuming they don't have plugins to deal with this. Lava where player set spawns is always fun. Abuse of poorly made plugins is always a good route. Most servers where the owner makes the plugins that are medium sized have pretty terrible plugins that are very very abuse-able. Just have to think outside the box. With the walking as XP thing you could set something on your W key to auto gain experience for hours. That explosive pick axe thing may be able to destroy things that are a block inside protected areas. If you can program you'll likely be able to make any item a nuke depending on how she designed it. Key to finding exploits is to use things how the developer has not thought how you'll use them. Be creative and try things out, think outside the box. You'll always be shocked by what you can find.
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    Programming is easy, it's problem solving that is hard. I always stand by this. Just learn python, which is the unarguably GREATEST programming language of all time, and this is coming from someone who writes everything in C/C++. But just look up python tutorials, it is super easy to learn. Also use python 3 because python 2 is outdated.
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