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    Sorry to interrupt but didn't storm bring DeadMau5 up in a video about this song you both are talking about? I forget which one. I will link it to this post if I can find it.
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    I don't have any evidence, but I remember it came out right around our height. It would make sense given not just his history with Minecraft, but his personality on livestreams in the past year. I hope we made him laugh, personally. Seems like a nice guy.
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    wow haha drugs are so cool man better go talk about it on the internet now lol grass city blaze!
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    You write like the fucking zodiac killer. Dear Editor I am the killer of the 2 teen- agers last Christmass at Lake Herman and the Girl last 4th of July. To Prove this I shall state some facts which only I + the police know Christmass 1 Brand name of ammo Super X 2 10 Shots fired 3 Boy was on back feet to car 4 Girl was lyeing on right side feet to west 4th of July 1 Girl was wearing patterned Pants 2 Boy was also shot in knee 3 Brand name of ammo was Western Here is a cyipher or that is part of one. the other 2 parts have been mailed to the S.F. Examiner + the S.F. Chronicle I want you to print this cipher on your frunt page by Fry Afternoon Aug 1-69, If you do not do this I will go on a kill ram page Fry night that will last the whole week end. I will cruse around and pick of all stray people or coupples that are alone then move on to kill some more untill I have killed over a dozen people. Ted Cruz is that you?
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    idk why you felt the need to post this thread
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    There's been several threads about this. Just learn Java and come back (After you learn Java, I don't see any need to come back, considering you'll know all about making the GUIs and hacks). You won't be able to learn anything from looking at our codes, nor can we spoonfeed you codes. If you "dissect" our codes, you're still using someone else's code, so you won't really learn much from it unless you know the function of each piece of code. There's plenty of Java tutorials available online, and if you want me to link you to one, I'll be glad to do it for you.
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