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    One hour later each day.
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    Please read the following rules before you use this site. Site Rules Do not discuss anything illegal. Do not post inappropriate content. Graphic violence, pornography, and excessive profanity don't belong here. Do not post executable files. Do not harass/dox/threaten other users. If you can't help yourself, come back once you finish middle school. Zero tolerance. Do not create multiple accounts. This is usually a sign that you're up to no good, so we'll just ban all of them. Do not spam the forum. Do not advertise. Do not give or ask for legal or medical advice. This is an English forum. Post in English. Think before you post. Try to contribute to the discussion. Use common sense. Post in the correct section. This makes it easier for others to find relevant threads. Don't bump old threads. If a thread hasn't been active for a couple weeks, leave it alone unless you have a good reason. Proof read your posts. No one is likely to take you seriously if you can't spell. If somebody breaks the rules, just report it. Don't clutter the thread with posts about how somebody broke the rules. If you break the rules, this is what will happen: If you do something mildly annoying, you might get a warning. If you violate the rules, we'll remove the content. If we think you're going to break more rules, we'll suspend your posting privileges for some time. If you do anything malicious or really annoying, you'll get banned. Use common sense, it doesn't matter if something isn't in the rules. Don't be a dick.
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