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  2. What time do you go to bed?

    Haha what's a sleep?
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  4. Hello, my name is Turtle! its nice to meet chew ^-^! -Here are some things about myself! Where are you from?: I'm from Canada Why did you join the forum?: Have been a long term subscriber of Team Avolition so why not? What languages do you speak?: i can only speak English and besides isn't this an English only forum? i very much do enjoy icecream and Turtles ;) *Hope to see Team AVO posting again!
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  6. What time do you go to bed?

    go to sleep 6am wake up 10am
  7. What time do you go to bed?

    If I have work, I try for 2 PM. If not, I am normal and I sleep at night.
  8. Reliant Torch Annihilator

    no this is it here if (my penis is too big today){ fck }
  9. Reliant Torch Annihilator

    This was like, Reliant Jr. Something quick Krysk whipped up. Like nearly as quick as that massive dick when Sinkip comes home with a new collar.
  10. What time do you go to bed?

    Way later than I should, also depends on how much exercise I've had.
  11. Hi.

    Hi BadComoc, nice to meet you, you might not be interesting but don't worry, your beautiful personality will make up for it. <3
  12. Hi.

    Hi, I'm BadComic (or BadComoc). I'm not a very interesting person so I don't really have much to share about myself. I'm an Australian beginner programmer. I want to create games and such. That's really the only thing about me. I joined these forums because I remember enjoying the videos that were made around 2011-2012 and I didn't realize there was a community forum 'till now. It's pretty awesome to see how this community is still held up after all these years. So, yeah. Hi.
  13. Discord Server.

    All the channels were made for shitpost. Men, get ready to spam the hell out of them.
  14. What time do you go to bed?

    11 PM - 1 AM. Sometimes earlier than that depending on what I do the following day and/or if i feel like staying up.
  15. What time do you go to bed?

    You see that’s where I’m trying to get but I end up doing something to preoccupy myself that results in me staying awake. While completely my fault it’s a habit I’m willing to change however possible.
  16. What time do you go to bed?

    One hour later each day.
  17. What time do you go to bed?

    I usually go to sleep around 10 PM - 1 AM depending on how the day went and how I was feeling.
  18. What time do you go to bed?

    I don’t usually have a set time and I will end up staying awake until my body passes itself out. This creates a subsistent unhealthy sleep schedule so I was wondering, when do you all go to bed?
  19. Discord Server.

    it aint exactly a secret
  20. Live Music

  21. Everyone post your github

    As you can see I don't use it very much, and I don't really have a serious project on there, but it is a fun experience to work with. https://github.com/Syphist
  22. I know quite a few of you use Linux here, so I thought I'd ask. Recently whenever Steam is open Xorg seems to be having a memory leak. I've seen it reach over 1 GiB of RAM used if left for long enough. Closing Steam drops the memory usage of Xorg back to normal levels; however doing so causes a massive spike in CPU usage for some time, and at 1 point I had to go to a virtual terminal and manually kill my Xorg session. Upon googling the issue I have noticed this reddit thread where I am certainly not the only person with this issue. I am curious though, how many of you are affected by this?
  23. Everyone post your github

    Oh, so it's like ss13 but powered by Oracle SQL, nice.
  24. Discord Server.

    Damn, don't spill the beans man.
  25. Reliant Torch Annihilator

    Right, this was before Reliant moved to module loading I believe.
  26. Reliant Torch Annihilator

    I wouldn't reliant on that client.
  27. Reliant Torch Annihilator

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